Just another night

It was a dark summer night and the clock had just struck one. Jack was heading to a party from his late shift at work. The sound of his footsteps kept him company. He wished he had charged his headphones. But he did’nt mind enjoying the silent night.
Jack was the most intelligent man he knew. He had solutions to all the problems in the world and he was always right. He sipped on his Diet Coke, not caring what the artificial sweeteners could do to him and he took a long puff off his vape. The new flavour that had hit the market recently was just right. It filled up his mouth and gave the right kick. However it did leave a bad after taste in his mouth.
Jack was had planned to meet up with Duda and go on to watch some movies. If only he had more time to do stuff, he thought. He had so much potential, and yet he had not achieved much. He could have done so much if only there were a little bit of extra time. That’s what everyone wants too, just a little bit of time.
Duda was such a waste of talent, he thought. Duda needed to listen to him more. He needed to follow in his footsteps. Let him guide him. But Duda was too ‘busy’.
That was one of the other problems. There were’nt enough good people that surrounded him. To be successful, one has to surround themselves with high performing people, he thought. Maybe he would join a club or a meetup. He opened up his phone to search for some activities that he may do this week.
Let me check my instagram and facebook first, he thought. He started scrolling as he waited for Duda. Lot of people living happy lives.
Fools, simply wasting their time. He thought.
In ten years I’ll be more successful than any of them. I’ll probably be a millionaire. Well not that, but at least i’ll have my own business. Maybe a good car. A model wife. Then he opened the profile of a girl named Lisa.
Lisa was a young girl, who worked with him. She was very friendly and Jack had a crush on her. However he never asked her out or never told her of his true feelings. He was waiting for the right time. And the right time will come. And if it does not, he would simply move on. He stared at her beautiful smiling face, her thick black hair. Whenever he saw her, he had to control his emotions. He would pretend to not like her whenever she was around.
Then he started randomly browsing other stuff on his phone. Five minutes later, Duda showed up.
“You are late again”, said Jack. He proceeded to sit in the passenger seat of Duda’s Honda Civic.
“Sorry, took a while to get the good stuff.”, replied Duda, he started his car and began driving.
“Do you wanna grab a bite first?”
“Yeah I am hungry”. Jack had been trying to eat healthy recently. However, whenever he met any of his friends, he would binge. I’ll start tomorrow, he thought. Yeah, his friends were a bad influence on him, but he needed social interaction. He needed some sort of connection with outside world. He would get better friends soon. More successful ones.
“Let’s grab a few slices”, said Duda, excitedly. Of course, thought Jack.
Jack grabbed his usual four cheese with added bacon and pepperoni. If he was eating pizza he was going all in.
“Where’s the party at?”, asked Jack, his mouth stuffed with pizza.
“It’s just downtown, at the MET. Lots of girls there tonight. Some NBA players gonna be there too. This is going to be a blast.”
Jack took a hit of the joint that he had just rolled in the pizza place parking lot.
Duda extended his hand and grabbed the joint from Jack. He took a puff then turned left on the red lights.
“We are here.” said Duda, He parked the car on the left lane.
The hall had loud music. It was hard to talk to anyone. Duda was saying something but Jack could’nt listen. He did’nt think it was worth it anyway. Duda just said random shit. Jack was looking around hoping Lisa would be at the party too. This might be his moment.
But there were a lot of people. And of course, the only person from work that does’nt show up is Lisa. He went and greeted his colleagues. John wore a tight T-shirt to display his hard work at the gym this year. Too bad, thought Jack, he still had so much body fat, and his cuts were’nt visible in the night light. Tina dressed skimpily and pretended to be everyone’s friend. She liked doing that, he thought. She can control any guy, but not me. She had a boyfriend, and any guy who thought he had a chance with her was a loser. She was drunk as hell. But she knew how to keep up. Then their boss, Vincent was here too. Jack did’nt like his boss. He was tall, strong, handsome and successful. Blue eyes and black hair. Vincent was rich and had his own social circle. But he would hangout with the employees then talk about how much money he spent on this and that. Tina always lurked around him.
“Great party going on here tonight, good to see you Jack!!!”, said Vincent excitedly. He was clearly drunk and was talking louder than he needed to.
Jack grabbed a drink and went to find a corner table to sit at. He never knew why he came to these things. He never liked being in crowd, being with other people. He felt powerless and like a nobody. He wanted to have an intelligent discussion with some intelligent people, not pretend to laugh at dumb people jokes.
Duda was making a fool of himself with some girls in the corner. Jack shook his head and decided to get some more food. He was standing behind a girl who was wearing braids. She wore a white shirt and a dark brown skirt. She was looking at the sauces and was trying to decide which one to get.
“The spice level is really high, and they have a strong taste. I would suggest something milder if you are not into that”, said Jack. The girl turned to him and smiled. She went with the mildest version and moved forward to get some more food.
“Do you work at the company too? What branch?” asked the girl.
Jack hated small talk. He just wanted to get some food.
“I work at the eastern branch. Been a bit busy there lately so this is a nice break. How about you?”, asked Jack, not really putting much effort into the conversation. He grabbed a two pieces of grilled chicken and dropped them onto his plate.
“I work right here at the downtown branch. Yeah not many projects here at the moment. But this is exciting.”
She was talking about the launch of the new project that was suppose to “usher” the company into a new era.
“I don’t know about that. This sort of thing happens every year.”, complained Jack.
“So are you here with your colleagues?”, asked the girl.
“Yeah, they are just right over there.”, replied Jack, pointing towards the table where his colleagues sat. They were the loudest bunch in the hall.
“They seem like a lively bunch.”, said the girl.
Jack sighed. The last place he wanted to be was with loud people.
He looked at the girl. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl in the party. He wondered if she had a boyfriend.
“I am Jack by the way.”, said Jack.
“Oh, I am Anita”. She smiled at him as she ran her fingers through her hair behind her ear.
“Do you wanna find a table?”, asked Jack, awkwardly.
Anita looked at a table where there were a bunch of people talking. They seemed like an awkward group.
“Sure, I don’t think my colleagues will miss me”.
Jack smiled. Tonight was going better than what he expected.

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