Blue and Gold

As I stepped into the Investor’s group stadium, the electricity of the game struck me like the sound of thunder. It was easy to see how for the small city of Winnipeg, sporting events were such an important part of life. It was like a set of Riverdale, except it was all real. The Blue and Gold of the Bombers were hard to like, but they took the game as soon as they stepped into the field. The crowd went wild before it was even seated. The storm had struck without warning.

There were many ways to get to the Investor’s group stadium. Park and Ride would have been the best option. For those who don’t know, this is the simple option of parking your car for free at a free parking lot that offers Park and Ride. That parking lot services a bus to the stadium. This is also a good way to socialize with the fans going to see the game. The other option, the one me and my friends chose, was to drive there. For those who don’t like driving, I won’t recommend it. There’s just too much traffic, and parking spots are $20 each. If you are going as a group, it is economical, else bus would be a better and safer option.

Of course, a home game has its own atmosphere and requires a certain merch to go with it. I went with a Winnipeg Bombers hat. The W on it was distinct, stitched on entirely in black. Lids, a sports merch store has some great options but this was the last piece remaining. Personally, I preferred the complete blackness of the hat. It makes it reusable. Also, its sheer simplicity in design is what appeals to me. My colleague chose to go with a golden Nike cap. I don’t know if it was a conscious decision, but he did pick a bomber colour.

A Bomber's Cap Black in color
Something like this will set you back around $35

Getting back to the crowd at the stadium, the smell of booze and hot dogs filled the air. It was easy to approach people. One of my friends whose social skills are far above mine, had no problems approaching people and striking up a conversation. I had no skills or courage for that. But I did learn that these kinds of events loosen up people. These are not how they are in their day to day life. But today they were dancing, singing and rowdy. Today was about the game.

The bombers were feeling it. They continued their unbeaten run by beating Argonauts 49 – 21.

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