Beer Pong in Winnipeg

Whether you’ve seen it in movies, played it at a party, or if you’re like me… play in tournaments; Beer Pong is without a doubt one of the best drinking games out there. Here in Winnipeg, MB we also treat Beer Pong as a sport. We’re lucky enough to have the amazing team at Beer Pong Manitoba who host pong nights and tournaments throughout the year. These events include cash prizes, chances to win entry, flight and hotel to The World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) in Las Vegas and of course, a fun Saturday!

I’ve followed the tournaments Beer Pong Manitoba has thrown in the past but this last Saturday was the first tournament I attended. My girlfriend and I teamed up for a chance to win $1,500 at their Valentines Day Rebuttal 3 tournament. We started drinking at 3:00pm, played beer pong until 10:00pm or so, had an amazing pulled pork dinner, met some awesome people and now I simply cannot wait for them to host their next tourney. My best decision of 2019 as of yet, was to book work off on March 2nd to play beer pong all damn day. Big Ups Beer Pong Manitoba for a bless day, find them on Facebook and Instagram; @beerpongmb.

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